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Ahava Emunah’s Story: Living with Love and Faith


Aliza’s Story: The Ultimate Gift


Aliza’s Story: My Body, My Babies


Mila’s Story: You Can Never Erase Them


Abbie’s Story: Anything for You


Brooke’s Story: Love Beyond Loss

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Remembering My Baby

“My baby died.” I bite my lip. This isn’t the place, I remind myself. This is a stranger. This is...
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My Story of Sexual Abuse

It's time to tell my story of sexual abuse.  I’ll be honest, I’m absolutely terrified right now. Scared out of...
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Whole, Body & Soul

I remember being eight years old and getting on a scale.  I was offered $1 for every pound I would...
the next chapter

The Next Chapter

It's funny how sometimes we end up creating for others what we need the most. The Layers Project was born...
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Living and Breathing in the After

We tend to remember exactly where we were when we hear news that forever changes our lives. I’ll never forget...
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My Black Father’s Legacy

I’ll never forget when I saw my father’s silhouette frozen in the rain that dark night.  “Sir. What are you...

Anonymous Series

FOrever On A blurry road Memories of a past relationship (2000 × 1333 px)

Forever On A Blurry Road: Memories of A Past Relationship

He drove a red Jeep Cherokee Laredo. It’s a noticeable car, and for years, I noticed them everywhere. I would...
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Giving Myself Permission to Grieve My Mother

I clearly remember the morning in school when I announced, “my mommy passed away and she’s in shamayim.” The room...
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The Role of Ring Holder At The Chuppah

"How are you holding up?" - This is the recurrent text I've learned to expect in the days following a...
Copy of Coming Back to First Position

Coming Back to First Position: Learning to Love My Body Again

Her body moves gracefully across the room, small ballet slippers dotting the floor with lightness and strength. Her arms are...
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Breathless: My Struggle With Panic Attacks

It starts with a tightness in my chest. Slow and searing, it feels like my heart has a clamp around...
Copy of surviving and thriving

Surviving & Thriving After Emergency Hysterectomy

It has been four years since I was wheeled into the operating room not knowing whether I was to come...