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Torah Learning At Any Stage

Dr. Yael Ziegler, Matan, Jewish Education, Torah Learning, Women's Scholarship, Tanach

This essay is brought to The Layers Project Magazine through a partnership with Matan- The Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies in honor of their 30th-anniversary dinner this Chol Hamoaid Sukkot in Jerusalem. When we decided to move to Jerusalem, one of the selling points was the access to the multitude of Torah institutions…

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Rachelle’s Story: When A Nation Unites

The Layers Project Magazine, Rabbanit Rachelle Fraenkel, Matan, Terrorism, Jewish Women, Stories of Jewish Women, Torah Teacher, Female Torah Teacher, Israel, Jerusalem

THIS PROFILE IS BROUGHT TO THE LAYERS PROJECT MAGAZINE THROUGH A PARTNERSHIP WITH MATAN, IN HONOR OF THEIR 30TH-YEAR ANNIVERSARY DINNER CHOL HAMOAID SUKKOT 2019, IN JERUSALEM. (1/6) Who We Are “For me, Torah came from my home during my upbringing. I have amazing parents and I feel privileged in many ways. They gave me the gift…

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Chaya’s Story: Fighting Harder, Hope for the Future

The Layers Project Magazine, Chaya Bina Katz, Matan, Childhood Cancer, Jewish Women, Stories of Jewish Women, Profile, Jewish, Israel

This profile is brought to The Layers Project Magazine through a partnership with Matan, in honor of their 30th-year anniversary dinner Chol Hamoaid Sukkot 2019, in Jerusalem. (1/7) “I Should Have Known” “Matan was founded thirty years ago by a group of incredible women who learned Torah together, sitting with my mother around a dining…

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I Was Wrong, About Tisha Ba’av

The Layers Project Magazine, Tisha Baav, Terrorism, Israel, Cancer, Tragedy, Shira Lankin Sheps

I was wrong.  Last year on Tisha Ba’av, I was a brand new olah, living here in Jerusalem for no more than two weeks. I stood out on my mirpeset, and I looked out on the city, twinkling with light and movement, while I heard the words of Eicha. I wrote a piece that night,…

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Jerusalem, Forever

I’ve waxed poetic about Jerusalem in almost every post I’ve written since I moved here, 11 months ago. The way she buzzes with energy from dawn to dusk. The way the sun blankets everything in blazing heat. How slippery her stones can be in the rain. How she twinkles at night, from lights in thousands…

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The Shoah Remembrance Collection

Yom Hashoah 2019 “Woman of Valour” Submitted By Gila Leipnik “My grandmother was really beautiful.The kind of beauty that shines through someone’s eyes and which, at the end, made her oxygen mask and the aura of confusion emulsify into the shadows.My grandmother was the blue part of the flame, coming in contact with her made…

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A New Meaning To Zachor

Yom Hashoah has been painful every year that I have observed it. The first experience I remember was when my Oma, my grandmother, spoke in public for the first time about being a survivor of the Holocaust. We were at a commemoration event at the shul where my father was the Rabbi. I stood on…

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Rona’s Story: Women in The Workplace

(1/7) “You Can Do This” “Unlike my parents, I did not dream of becoming a classroom teacher. I knew I wanted to work with children in some capacity.  I don’t know when I decided that my other love, theater, would not work in my life beyond being a hobby. I knew that creative passions would…

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The Things We Hide Part 2

“The empty bed to my right. The master bedroom in my home has two full size beds with matching custom made headboards, nightstands and beautiful linens. Items bought at the time by two newly engaged young adults, filled with so much excitement and love. Every time I walk into our room, my sanctuary, these furnishings…

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The Failings of Solely Focusing on Beauty

As women, we know that we need to take care of ourselves. We should eat nutritious food, dress in a way that makes us feel good inside and out. We have every right to highlight the best of ourselves – from the way we look to doing work that feels good for us. We need…

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The Things We Hide Part 1

“When I saw the call for submissions on “The Things We Hide” this morning, it felt like you had been watching me. It happens that I suffered an anxiety crisis yesterday, and today marks the first day of trying to stop hiding. You see, I hide a lot behind my generally pleasant surface. I’m attractive,…

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Filtering Reality: Instagram and the Megillah

“I think often about the millions of Instagram accounts where their entire personal brand revolves around snapshots of pretty moments. We scroll through our feeds and are dazzled by white smiles, flowing hair, gorgeous sunsets. We think to ourselves, “Wow. Those lives must be perfect. Look how beautiful everything is.” Don’t get me wrong, I…

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