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Posts by Shira Lankin Sheps

The Drumbeats of Fear

You’ve seen the video of the bride in Bnei Brak drumming at her wedding. You’ve heard that the Badatz went ballistic after the video spread, and they demanded to know why the electricity had not been shut off in the hall the minute she stepped up to the drums. They decried the wedding band who…

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Layers Platform Feedback: Top Ten Things A Shadchan Should Know

Many people in our Jewish communities date and find their spouses through the mechanism of “Shidduch Dating.” What that means, is that either a professional matchmaker or a thoughtful friend, family member or acquaintance connects two young single people who they think might be a good match. Matching up singles can be a super difficult…

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“In Confidence” Anonymous Series Round Up

January 22- 28 2019 “Do you ever take a look at your kid, and wonder where they came from? Sometimes I look at my daughter, and I am bewildered by her. I was raised in a home where it was considered a virtue to be like our parents. Being referred to as a “mini” version…

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Michal’s Story: Lost and Found

(1/7) “In My Head” I was blessed throughout my entire life to lead a relatively normal life with no real drama. While certain things took their time, other things happened rather quickly. But I was happy and life was definitely good. I felt physically invincibile, and I was always able to perform. Professionally, I was…

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“In-Confidence” Anonymous Series: Round Up

January 13-20, 2019 “I am lying on the living room floor. My husband is sitting a few feet away from me, and I am sobbing. We just got home from seeing my mother on Rosh Hashanah, the first Rosh Hashanah after we were married. I want him to understand how much I hurt. I scream…

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Zissie’s Story: Never Lose Hope

(1/6) “A White World” “When I was 19 years old, I went to Vermont with a bunch of friends to go skiing. It was my first time, and I was so excited because it turned out I was a great skier. One of my friends suggested that we go snowmobiling. I responded, ‘Cool! What’s that?’,…

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Nikki’s Story: Humans of Judaism

(1/6) “Grief”  “Around this time of year, in November of 2013, just before Thanksgiving, my father passed away suddenly. I was stopped in my tracks. I had a few friends around that time who also passed away, and so suddenly I was thrown into a tremendous amount of loss. Losing a parent is truly its…

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Alana’s Story: Seeking Spirituality

(1/6) “iMPRINTS” “When I was a child, I remember having romantic and beautiful feelings about Israel. I was deeply in love with and yearned for Israel. Anytime a family member or friend went on a trip to Israel it felt like a really big deal. Why? I don’t know for sure – but I do…

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Leah’s Story: Unconditional Personhood

(1/6) “Agency” “My mother grew up without a lot of agency, with little say in what happened to her in her life. At a certain point, she took life into her own hands. She raised me to always be 100% true to myself. I was a very passionate, feisty and fierce young woman growing up…

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