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Monologue in the Mikva

By MicheleThaler | May 26, 2019

This essay is published on The Layers Project Magazine in partnership with The Eden Center. The image was taken during…

Zissie’s Story: Never Lose Hope

By Shira Lankin Sheps | January 8, 2019

(1/6) “A White World” “When I was 19 years old, I went to Vermont with a bunch of friends to…

Say it Out Loud: Struggling with Childhood Speech Apraxia

By Golda Hutchison | July 9, 2018

The first few moments of my life were nearly my last. While my mother was in labor, my heart rate…

Rivka’s Story: Strong As Ever

By Shira Lankin Sheps | August 29, 2017

Meeting Rivka, I was immediately swept up into her warmth, great sense of humor, sharp intellect and measured explanations of…

Brooke’s Story: Love Beyond Loss

By Shira Lankin Sheps | June 26, 2017

I first met with Brooke when she was with her young daughter at a new rehabilitation center, and having grown…

Corinne’s Story: Confidence In The Difference

By Shira Lankin Sheps | June 19, 2017

This profile was sponsored by New Jersey Yachad.  I first met Corinne earlier this year when I was photographing events…

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