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Always With Me

By Aliza Stareshefsky Blumenthal | October 24, 2019

Last summer, The Layers Project did a profile on my story of Infant Loss.  When I think about the few…

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Faith Is All You Need

By Orah Lasko | July 30, 2019

I have three kids. My two oldest are girls; Sophie is 7 and Emily is 4. My husband and I…

Post-Postpartum Depression and the Inner-Strength It Took to Get There

By Melody Coven | July 28, 2019

The night I found out I was pregnant with my second, I began to cry.  The tears were tears of…

Monologue in the Mikva

By MicheleThaler | May 26, 2019

This essay is published on The Layers Project Magazine in partnership with The Eden Center. The image was taken during…

“Born From Loss: Birkat Emunah”

By Cheryl Burnat | May 19, 2019

This essay is brought to The Layers Project Magazine in partnership with The Eden Center. “That lady at the mikvah…She…

Layered Listening

By Naomi Marmon Grumet | May 15, 2019

Some people are born storytellers. I was born a listener.  My ears are my source of power; hearing the pain…

Endometriosis Awareness

By Rachel Cohen | March 24, 2019

176 million women live with endometriosis and I am one of them. To me, this enigmatic and commonly misunderstood disease…

Ahava Emunah’s Story: Living with Love and Faith

By Shira Lankin Sheps | February 12, 2019

(1/7) “I Knew” “It was July 2012, and I had been feeling unwell. I was going back and forth to…

Michal’s Story: Lost and Found

By Shira Lankin Sheps | January 29, 2019

(1/7) “In My Head” I was blessed throughout my entire life to lead a relatively normal life with no real…

Zissie’s Story: Never Lose Hope

By Shira Lankin Sheps | January 8, 2019

(1/6) “A White World” “When I was 19 years old, I went to Vermont with a bunch of friends to…

Aliza’s Story: The Ultimate Gift

By Shira Lankin Sheps | November 7, 2018

(1/7) “You May Need A Transplant” “In my mid-twenties I had not been feeling well. I went to the doctor,…

Today, I Can’t Get Out Of Bed

By Shira Lankin Sheps | October 22, 2018

I’m writing this on one of those days, where it feels impossible to get out of bed. I have these…

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