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Post-Postpartum Depression and the Inner-Strength It Took to Get There

By Melody Coven | July 28, 2019

The night I found out I was pregnant with my second, I began to cry.  The tears were tears of…

Aliza’s Story: My Body, My Babies

By Shira Lankin Sheps | August 7, 2018

(1/7) “Unpretty”   At the time, I felt very unpretty. I felt in order to be pretty, you had to…

On Flowing Love and Tears: A Window into Postpartum Depression

By Melody Coven | June 14, 2018

Photographed By: Tzvi Feifel “You’re going to feel love like you’ve never felt it before.” That’s what they told me.…

Naima’s Story: Resilience Through Mental Health

By Shira Lankin Sheps | June 11, 2018

(1/5) “Sinking Deep” “The prologue to my story takes place seven years ago when I was diagnosed with an anxiety…

Women Empowering Women

By Elizabeth Carmen | May 29, 2018

As a therapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, I was thrilled to hear the theme of this month’s…

The Thing I Carry

By Hindy Bertram | April 30, 2018

Depression is a thing of isolation. Of self-doubt and self-recrimination. Of worthlessness and disconnect. The voice of the yetzer harah…

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