kingutsi hindy

Come, sisters.

Come, hearts weighed down

And spirits lifted,

Holding treasures in your arms.

Come with your broken pieces

And your shards made whole again.

Weave ribbons of bright color through the air,

Let the scars on your arms be seen

A testament to triumph.

Lift your voices high

In song

In wailing.

Demand attention


To all around you –

I am here. I am here. I *am.*

Whirl madly in your dance

Be seen

Make them look

With no concern for their discomfort.


With the arch of your foot

the sway of your hips

and the flick of your wrist.

Let the swirl of your skirts –

Your layers –


I move, but I will not

Let *this* control my movements.

Let us around you

Hold you high

Hold you *up*

When your feet tire

And your voice grows hoarse

And the weight of your skirts

Threatens to pull you down.

Let us pick up your refrain

Let us wave arms with bangles


And crashing

Against the noise that surrounds you.

Let us give you our joy

When yours is gone

Let us give you our strength

When the world has leached yours.

Let us give you our kindness

When you have none left for yourself.

Let us wet your lips,

Parched from song and supplication.

Let us hear you.

Let us see you.

Let us hold you.

Let us.



Hindy Bertram lives in Jackson, NJ with her very patient husband and four incredible children. Together, she and her husband are involved in various forms of community outreach. Since her diagnoses of depression and anxiety, they have become vocal advocates for supporting those living with mental health concerns. In her spare time, Hindy — Hindy has four children. She has no spare time.