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  • The goal is to teach you how to use writing in your healing journey. We will use prompts and writing exercises to uncover self-compassion, become attuned to the way we talk to ourselves, learn to let go of feelings that no longer serve us, visualize a new future, and open our hearts to healing through affirmations. 
  • This online- workshop will consist of a five-week commitment. There are no make-ups or replacement sessions. Sessions will not be recorded to preserve the privacy of our participants. All classes will be held on Zoom.
  • Four 90 min sessions once a week, and one 1:1 session with Shira during the last week, to review your writings.
  • The workshop has been structured to nurture several pieces of writing. You will submit them for group reading and supportive comments to be discussed when we meet.
  • Each session will consist of a presentation from Shira Lankin Sheps, MSW, and a supportive discussion about each member's writing. Like Layers online, we will be creating a supportive and safe space.
  • Each group will have no less than three members and no more than six, to ensure that each person can receive the individual attention required to develop their writing.
  • We will be addressing stigmatized topics and often there may be a sharing of trauma- please be mindful before signing up for this workshop.
  • Everything that is shared within the workshop by the participants is confidential and must not be disclosed outside the workshop.
  • In advance of each week's session, there will be writing exercises to further expand upon the ideas we have discussed in the previous workshop.
  • Participation in the workshop does not guarantee publication on The Layers Project Magazine but the essays written are eligible for submission.
  • Tuition must be paid in full before the workshop begins to ensure participation and to save your spot.

Looking forward to talking to you more about your goals of using writing to further your healing journey. 



The healing through writing workshop was really wonderful. Looking back at a story from my life and engaging with it in all different formats and from so many angles was really valuable. Working in a small group with other women gave me so much perspective and support
- R.S.
I am so glad that I decided to take the Writing with Self-Compassion workshop! It was a wonderful way for me to explore how to write about challenging life experiences in a new way. The writing prompts were interesting and thought-provoking and were scaffolded to make them really accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior writing experience. By just two or three classes in, I could feel my personal narratives subtly shift to include a kinder, more compassionate voice. Shira was really supportive throughout the writing process and helped create a lovely group of women that made me feel very comfortable talking and writing about our stories. She was always available if we had questions and was very receptive to feedback.
- Chani Markel
The Writing to Heal Workshop helped me make connections between the future I want to be living and the steps I can take in this moment. Through the writing exercises. the work done in the group setting and Shira's guidance, I found more space to sit in the experience of the moment, while knowing that now I have more resources available to me. I know I can do hard things, create new patterns and show up in all of who I am. This workshop was a gift, and I hope you'll gift yourself this experience too.
- Rivka T.


Session 1: Creating a Safe Space Within

Session 2: Learning to Write Affirmations & Intentions

Session 3: 1:1 Sessions: Evidence-Based Affirmations

Session 4: Being Present in Joyful Moments

Session 5: Writing the Future We Want

Winter Session Dates

Winter Session Now Forming. Exact dates to be determined based on cohort.

In Shekel 2000 NIS for five 90 min sessions (1)


Application Process: 

  1. Please fill out the form below so that we can learn more about your interests and availability. 

Form Here

  1. Once the form is submitted you will receive a link to book a 15 min interview with Shira to talk about your goals and how The Layers Workshops might be a good fit for you. 
  2. When you meet with Shira, you will discuss the essay for the application and find your story that you want to share to introduce you to the workshop. 
  3. Email and put "Workshop Application" in the subject line. Send it in the body of the email- no attachments.
  4. After the receipt of your essay you will receive an email confirming your acceptance to the workshop and further instructions and details. 

Admission is contingent on timing, scheduling, and application review. 

Writing & Publishing Personal Essay (8)

Really looking forward to connecting with you!