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Photo by Tzipora Lifchitz
Photo by Tzipora Lifchitz



For the last five years, Shira Lankin Sheps, MSW, has worked with hundreds of Jewish women, helping them write their stories.


For the very first time, she is opening up workshops and 1:1 personal writing consultation to help women write for catharsis, for exploration, or to prepare to publish their stories.


Whether you are looking to unblock your creative process, write for social change, use writing in your healing journey, or share what you've learned with the world:


If you are ready to write, this is the place for you.


Photo by Tzipora Lifchitz
Photo by Tzipora Lifchitz
Photo by Tzipora Lifchitz

About Shira Lankin Sheps, MSW


Shira is a writer, photographer, and clinically trained therapist.


She is the creator and publisher of The Layers Project Magazine, an online magazine that explores in-depth insights into the challenges and triumphs of the lives of Jewish women, and is passionate about creating spaces for stories that need to be told and changing the dialogue around stigmatized topics.


Shira is the author of "Layers: Personal Narratives of Struggle, Resilience, and Growth From Jewish Women" published by Toby Press in 2021. (click here to purchase)


She has written with hundreds of women over the years; helping them explore their personal narratives, discover meaning in their struggles, and share their stories in a safe and healthy way.



“I felt I had a story bubbling up inside me that was maybe ready to be written and I reached out to Shira.

She gently encouraged me to just start writing and see what happens. She gave me some questions and prompts that really helped guide me towards expressing myself the way that I wanted to.

Editing my piece with Shira before sharing it was like working with the softest, kindest, most loving mirror I could possibly ask for.

To write with Shira is to have someone holding your hand while they help you connect to yourself and your story.”

- Tali Muroff-Seligsohn

To read Tali's essay, "Listening to My Own Voice" click here.


“Writing an essay with Shira was transformational (that's not a word I use often.)

Through Shira's process, I was able to find the words within that were healing, excavating through years of personal growth, life changes, and interactions to find a narrative that was both safe for me, and impactful for others.

It's an experience I continue gaining from, and I'm sure you will too.”

- Rivka Tauber

To read Rivka's essay, "Whole, Body & Soul" click here.


“Writing my personal story with Shira was a transformative experience. She helped me find my voice and transcribe it in such a way that was true to me and simultaneously captivating to an audience.

I felt understood and appreciated throughout the entire process.

I highly recommend working alongside Shira to find the right words to bring your story to life.”

- Malka Klein

To read Malka's essay, "Finding My Voice Through Letters" click here. 


“I am a big believer in storytelling as a healing communal art. Before speaking with Shira about my story, I didn't really see the relevance of my narrative in the scheme of the larger challenges women face. I didn't give value and worth to my own perceptions and pain until Shira heard them, validated their depth and breadth, and encouraged me to share them.


That invitation to write my story gave me the sense that it mattered; that my trial and travail mattered.

Reviewing and editing the piece together helped me strengthen my voice and tell my story as opposed to sharing multiple narratives that coexisted in my mind.

Shira gave me permission to OWN my perspective by sticking to only my true story and for that, I am forever grateful.”

- Cheryl Nayowitz

To read Cheryl's essay, "Choosing Love" click here.


“Sitting with Shira to tell my story was a wonderful experience.

She guided me, helped me formulate my thoughts and experiences, and put it all into writing with a smile and deep understanding.”

- Mushkie Uliel

To read Mushkie's essay, "Gates of Gold" click here.

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"When I write, I write from a deep place in my soul. It takes a lot of energy, thought, and emotion.

There are often those inner voices telling you to be concerned about what others may think and say about what you’re expressing. It causes us to censor ourselves within mere seconds.

This is why Shira’s work is so important; she asks questions sensitively and she facilitates a conversation, helping us aspiring writers excavate and clarify our thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Working with Shira in her uniquely-crafted role of editor-social worker-guide-journalist helped me express my thoughts and memories, enter into a process of healing, and ultimately embrace what was coming from my soul."

- Yehudit Singer Freud

Click here to read Yehudit's essays, "Dad, You'll Be Missed"  and "'Overweight' And Loving Myself"



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