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“We were really lucky.

My son had returned from a trip abroad with buddies and they were able to stay in the vacation apartment of one of the guys for their mandatory quarantine. We took it seriously, but back then we really thought it was just a formality.

When the first one of the six got sick it suddenly became very real and I started to worry. Within a few days, my own son received his positive Corona diagnosis and despite expecting it, it was still a shock.

My imagination went in overdrive and I tried not to let myself go there- to a darker place. After all, he’s young, fit, healthy, and his symptoms were mild.

My son, along with two of the other guys, were brought to one of the ‘Corona hotels’ that have been set up around the country, here in Israel, for people with mild symptoms to recuperate without exposing others.

It was a long separation as they took him only after nearly completing their 14-day quarantine. My son is finally Corona-free and home.”


“I’m a divorced mom with six kids, two are married. In normal times we might have all gotten together for the Seder – even my ex and I – since our relationship is quite amicable – plus a grandparent or two. Instead, we will be split up into four or five separate Seders. Each of my married daughters with her respective families; one of my sons in his apartment with his roommates; my ex with my recently recovered son; me with my two younger children (ages ten and sixteen).

The stay-at-home restrictions consider our separate homes as one household because our kids go back and forth between our houses– according to our custody agreement. That means that we might’ve been able to do a Seder together, but it seems unlikely due to new restrictions.

My Seder this year will be the smallest I can ever remember attending. But I have no complaints, I know that we are some of the lucky ones.

I wish people would take the restrictions seriously across the board. It’s frustrating to see people congregating, ongoing minyans, or hearing about families getting together for Seder against the restrictions, and other things that truly put people at risk. I have begun avoiding social media because every time I look at my newsfeed, I am faced with someone I know who has lost someone close to them due to Covid19. It is too painful to see how many we have lost already.

I know this is hard, believe me. I have no work now. I have kids. I get it. But even just for the sake of the medical professionals who are putting their lives on the line for all of us every single day, we need to just stay home.”


Laura Ben-David is a photographer, writer, and marketing consultant. Her subjects of choice include Israel, Aliyah & social media – and sometimes all three at once. She is the author of the book ‘Moving Up: An Aliyah Journal.’