For Lori Gilbert Kaye z”l

This is the way

it feels. The tip of my finger

is pinched by the weight of

the pages

I have not prayed through, and

the pages

I will not pray through.

In between, there is the hug

of these words sung

by these people

on these pages. If I never

say these words, if I never

sing these songs, if I never

move my lips again

with only the faintest of whispers

to enact a story of wandering

and homecoming,

I will still feel that pinch.

There is another Jew

in California

who felt it, too.

The pages

hugging the tip of her finger

as she held the place

of the prayer

for the dead

will have to be buried

along with her.


Rebecca Leicht is a writer and editor who is passionate about guiding organizations and powerful individuals seeking to offer positive, meaningful contributions to their communities, particularly when their work aims to better the lives of those at the base of their contextual pyramid. She believes in using the myriad moments of daily life as generative departure points from which to think critically about and act intentionally in the world around us.

Rebecca has worked in the New York City mayor’s office, under Michael Bloomberg, and in the U.S Congress, as both a writer and a legislative aide, and with an array of clients in The Americas, India, and Israel. Her writing has appeared in Time Magazine, The Journal of International Affairs, PresenTense Magazine and other publications. She earned her Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and holds a bachelors from Stern College for Women. Rebecca is also co-founder and partner of Beamish Studio, an architectural practice whose principal is Jason Gould, her husband and lifelong friend. They collaborate on projects ranging from public memorials to private residences, though their greatest collaboration is their two sons, Leo and Milo. They all live in New York with their dog, Dermit, who is probably a muppet.