The Layers Project Magazine is open to submissions. We will be looking for content for The Layers Project Magazine that is insightful, honest and polished. We strive for high-quality work that unravels complex personal and communal issues.

Please send an email to with the work you would like to submit and a short bio and headshot (or selfie if you don’t have a headshot).

Here are some guidelines for the goals of the content we are seeking:

  • To share the challenges and triumphs of Jewish women
  • To create meaning-making, to connect with others in healing. 
  • To break down stigma and open healthy conversation 
  • To present content that will inspire a healthy emotional reaction, that is healthy for both the writer and the reader. 

Keeping in mind our mission statement and brand values:

The Layers Project is a platform for in-depth insights into the challenges and triumphs of Jewish women. 

We facilitate profiles, personal essays, and writing for the purpose of publishing narratives to share meaning-making and connect with others in healing. 

To break stigma and open healthy communal conversations. 

To develop language around self-compassion through the prism of storytelling. 

To create a community of women creating safe spaces for sharing struggle, resilience, and growth. 

  • Striving to break stigma and to share truths with compassion and awareness that sometimes the truth may be difficult for some, while redemptive for others.
  • Seeking to be aware of the challenging subject matter that we tackle- both to the feelings of our subjects, and our readers, and the reality of the issues at hand.
  • Understanding that there is a fine line that we often must dance, but the goal is to use empathy to guide us through the grey matter.
  • Seeking to be sensitive and use only non-judgmental language.
  • Accepting that though a story we come across may be powerful, not all stories benefit from being told.
  • Striving to inspire our readers to be more open-minded and aware of the unique experiences of others.
  • Taking the opportunity to change the narrative, and portray Jewish women as three-dimensional characters whose lives are full of blessings and challenges, potential and power.
  • Looking to offer comfort and connection, especially when stories are painful.

Please only submit one piece of content at a time, so we can respond to you faster.

Allow a month for response time. We will not accept simultaneous submissions and are looking for exclusive (never before published) content.

We are looking for pieces 650-1000 words long.

If you are interested in learning how to tell your story, we now offer writing workshops to help you develop your voice, identify which parts of your story are ready to be shared, and to cultivate pieces of writing in a healing group setting. 

To learn more, please click here

Looking forward to hearing from you!


The LPM Team