Anonymous Submissions for our "In-Confidence" Series

We have launched an anonymous  essay series on our Women's only, closed Facebook group, "The Layers Platform."

For as long as Layers has been around, we have received anonymous submissions from women who wanted to share their stories but did not feel ready to share their names publically. Our approach thus far has been to only publish non-anonymous pieces, because we felt that we were attempting to do our best to break stigma within the community, and in order to do so, we needed to stand tall and relinquish the shame that came with those stigmas. We needed to challenge the fear of being different, outside or imperfect, and tagging our names to our stories was an important part of that process.

We still feel that way, but as we have waded deeper into the pain of the women in our community, we acknowledge that not every story could be easily told with an identity- but that does not mean that they should not be heard. Sometimes writing requires being sensitive to other players in our lives, and that might mean that even though we are comfortable talking about something, it would hurt someone else to share it. Oftentimes, we need to be cognizant of their privacy.

Because The Layers Platform is a closed space for Jewish women, we have an opportunity to open discourses that may be uncomfortable but are deeply relatable and important. The whole point of Layers is to make each other feel less alone, and help one another access healing, through connection.

As a response to these ideas, we have decided to begin a new series to be hosted on The Layers Platform only, called, “In-Confidence.” We will accept essays written to our Layers community written in the same style as our magazine essays. The purpose of these essays will be to make meaning of pain, searching to open respectful conversations about exceptionally difficult topics, and serve as a conversation opener about what the community should know or needs to address or acknowledge in relation to this particular struggle.

These essays must be in the same polished, non-judgemental style as the rest of the pieces we publish. We are not looking for posts that are searching for “advice”- just support and conversation. We will not edit these essays, but we may choose to remove something if we feel it is not aligned with our values.

Submit to this form below, and your anonymity will be preserved 100%.

If you are ready to talk, we are ready to listen.

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