Tomorrow Is A New Day


Tonight I decided:

To say goodbye to sadness,

To thank it for coming in to hold space for my pain,

for existing when I need comfort and support.

For letting me practice the concept of holding space for others’ pain,

for understanding how life is so unpredictable, for giving us time to process.

Now it’s time for me to welcome light and joy,

To focus on my blessings,

To continue counting my blessings,

To invite much more blessing and healing into the world,

So I can beg God to send healing light through gratitude and not through pain and anger.

So my kids can be happy when mommy is happy,

So I can focus on my inner strength and continuing to stay mentally healthy,

I now choose to live with abundance and not sadness.

I choose to welcome the bigger meaning behind something I don’t understand instead of being frustrated that I don’t understand.

I am grateful that I have a choice.

A choice to choose happiness.

A choice to smile about what is right here, right now.

A choice to live this very moment with love and happiness.

A choice to bring comfort to my broken heart.

A choice to accept that I don’t understand and I probably will never understand everything and that is okay.

A choice to send much love and hope through energy when I cannot do it physically.

A choice to turn to God for love like a little girl wanting a hug from Daddy when she feels scared.

A choice to be ok.

I’m smiling and crying and that’s OK!

I’m welcoming lots of inner strength.


With Lots of love,



Matana Poupko Jacobs is a wife, a mom, and lover of life, CEO and founder of, As the host of Hope to Recharge podcast, she is devoted to bringing more awareness and hope to the world of mental health and breaking the stigma that surrounds it.